"Talking the Fish" was developed over several years in different locations. The idea goes back to the project "TheDanube Streaming Show" by Kunstverein W.A.S., a travelling arts project and performance on tour on the ship from Vienna to Sulina (Black Sea). The artists Doris Jauk-Hinz, Veronika Dreier and Eva Ursprung used the semaphore alphabeth in the traditional, "analogue" way to welcome people on their stops along the journey, spelling the word "Danube" in all the languages along the river.

In 2004 the concept was developed further on the occasion of ISEA 2004, which was staged on a ship between Helsinki, Tallin and Stockholm. For this, the use of the semaphore alphabet was transformed into a computer code. Unfortunatly, there was not enough money and time to realize the project at ISEA, so we were looking for alternative locations. In 2004 and 2005 we made research trips to Triest (Italy) and Pula (Croatia), but this also turned out to be too expensive. In 2006 we finally realized the first transmission of a e-mail protocol on the border between Austria and Slovenia in the small village Mureck, hosted by the Juz-House. In 2007 we were invited to to a project at Media Art Lab at Kunsthaus Graz, were we included the aspect of surveillance, using public web- and cctv cams for public semapore workshop performances. On Nov 7th, 2007 an e-mail protocol was transmitted from the roof of Kunsthaus Graz to promenade of the river Mur under the Main Bridge. All materials were collected and put together to the exhibition in progress "Behind the Signs" at Media Art Lab Graz, including the "FACELESS Making of Lounge" by Manu Luksch.