Hinter den Zeichen (Behind the Signs) Worklab, lectures, presentations and performances on the technical fundamentals of communication technologies Exhibition in progress

From October to November 2007, Eva Ursprung was invited for a project at Medienkunstlabor (Laboratory of Media and Arts) at Kunsthaus Graz. She decided to continue the idea of "Talking the Fish" and bring it to an urban context. This time, the main focus was not on political borders, but on the social barriers within the City of Graz, and the aspect of surveillance in nowaday's society.

The project was staged in different locations:

  • Medienkunstlabor Graz (Laboratory of Media and Arts at Kunsthaus Graz)
  • Hauptplatz Graz (Main Square)
  • Roof of Kunsthaus Graz / promenade of the river Mur under the main bridge

It consisted of the following aspects and media: