image cym — netartist, researching the relation between virtual reality and real life, connecting places and dimensions. Lives and works in Walkersdorf, Austria and Ljubljana, Slovenia.
image Manu Luksch — filmmaker who works outside the frame, is founder member of London-based arts production company Ambient Information Systems. She conceives and produces interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, which explore the multitude of ways we now leave data-traces and are tracked through the city. Techniques and effects of live data broadcasting and transmission provide theme, medium, and performative space for many of the works. Manu studied Fine Arts in Austria and Thailand.
Projects are shown at venues and festivals internationally, such as in "Connecting Worlds" (NTT ICC, Tokyo 2006), "Custom Living" (BK Gallery, Sydney 2006), "Satelite of Love" (Witte de With, Rotterdam 2006), "goodbye Privacy" (Ars Electronica, Linz 2007) to name the most recent.
Her current film project, Faceless, is a science fiction fairy tale compiled from surveillance video footage recovered under the UK’s Data Protection Act. The film treats CCTV images as 'legal readymades', and its scenario derives from the legal properties of the image. www.ambientTV.NET.